Import schemes: On account of third parties and On their own custom - Features

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Source: Import on Behalf of Third Imports by account and order of third parties is governed by Law No.,,pt,What characterizes the import on account and third order,,pt,AEB Brazilian foreign trade is facing a new reality,,pt,harvesting,,pt,Brazilian Economic Institute of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation The changes in the international situation ended the growth phase of easy exporting emerging economies of commodities like Brazil,,pt,and the beginning of reduction superexpansionista stance of monetary policy in the United States raised interest rates,,pt 10.637/2002 and Provisional Measure 2.158-35/2001. Currently, the operation is regulated by IN / SRF No. 225 and IN / SRF No. 247, both of 2002. O que caracteriza a importação por conta e ordem de terceiro

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The new Asian stars of world manufacturing

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Source: Economic Value, 25/11/14 While China's export growth is slowing dramatically in recent years, a handful of neighboring countries is benefiting. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar increased their exports a significant average of almost 20% per year over the last four years, while the growth of Chinese exports fell from

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Season high balances on the balance remained behind

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Source: AEB O comércio exterior brasileiro está diante de uma nova realidade. Frequent and high trade surpluses until 2012 should not be repeated, at least in the short term. The forecast for this year is that exports exceed imports by bit – a deficit is also not ruled out. In Focus report, Central Bank, que colhe

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The tough challenge of adjusting the Brazilian fiscal policy

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Source: Instituto Brasileiro de Economia da Fundação Getúlio Vargas As mudanças na conjuntura internacional puseram fim à fase de crescimento fácil das economias emergentes exportadoras de commodities como o Brasil. Chinese slowdown cooled the commodity boom, e o início da redução da postura superexpansionista da política monetária nos Estados Unidos elevou os juros

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