Safety and innovation value the flexibility of our services

With all the know-how of more than 9 years in the area, offer the following services:

Import bill and order, custom and own

We promote commercial brokerage and import customs clearance of goods purchased for your company (acquirer), due to previously signed contract.

Exportação direta e indireta

We developed a study verifying the best solution for your business. Promovemos a intermediação comercial e despacho aduaneiro de exportação entre sua empresa e seu cliente.

Customs Assistance

  • We make cost forecasting spreadsheets import / export;
  • Tax classification of the goods;
  • Special customs procedures and implementation of international agreements / former tariff;
  • Enabling SISCOMEX (RADAR);
  • Registration and advice on SISCOSERV;

Advice for Brazilian companies in MAQUILLA Law - Paraguay

Maquila Law regulates the operations of Paraguayan undertakings to industrial processes or services, for processing, elaboration, repair or temporarily imported goods assembly for subsequent re-export effect, Maquila through a contract with a Brazilian company, where you pay tax 1%, on the value added in Paraguayan territory, the only and definitive tax payable in relation to rents generated under the Maquila Regime,pt.

Marketing Internacional

Developed international market research for import / export, both suppliers and product, contemplating since Representation of your company in the international market and fairs, by negotiating with suppliers and exposure of their products in our reporting sources.


Wide network of partnerships

Through an extensive network of previously partnerships, we can offer better services and greater agility in the processes.

Physical presence in Asia, mainly in China

We offer our customers the audit firms, verifying information about potential suppliers, tracking from production to shipping the goods at the port of origin.

Tax benefit of ICMS on imports

By Santa Catarina have as strong a port structure, agility in port services, combined with the tax benefit of ICMS granted by the state government Optus TRADING, offers its import operations a substantial reduction in the VAT rate, increasing its competitiveness of your business.